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Well it all started back on Sunday, July 7th 1996. A friend of mine and I decided to go out to a club (Eden 2000)  that evening. Little did I know I was going to meet my future wife. Within the course of the evening I met a beautiful woman that is a 1st grade teacher in the Arlington Independent School District named Pamela Rawlinson (Hassell). Throughout our conversation we noticed that we both graduated the same year and at the same high school without ever knowing each other prior.

married.jpg (64341 bytes)Well as one thing led to another, and after two years of dating, we were married on Friday, October 2, 1998 at Le Rennaisance in Dallas, Texas. After our wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Hassell had a wonderful honeymoon on the Carnival Cruise Ship "Celebration".

Now a few years later, we have our first house here in Arlington, Texas. YES! I finally have my own gameroom.

We had our first child in January 2003. You can see his page here.

We have our two indoor "furry" children that require a lot of attention as it is. There names are "Princess" and "Coelacanth" also known as "Ceelee" for short.

pinballkitty.GIF (33826 bytes)Pam adopted "Coelacanth" (see•la•kanth) in May of 1996 from the Dallas SPCA when she was just a kitten. Coelacanth is a female black and white shorthair. Even though "Ceelee" is over 5 years old, she still has the spunk of a kitten. Don't waste money on buying her cat toys--a twisty tie is all she needs to have a good time. Did you know "Ceolacanth" is an avid pinball player also?

Six years ago Princess showed up on Pam's mother's doorstep hungry and with a broken arm. Ever since then she has been a part of our family. Her age is anybody's guess. We often refer to her as "Puppy-kitty" because we have never seen a cat that is more codependent upon its owners then her. Although she always has a bottomless bowl of food, she still begs and wants a little bit of whatever you're eating. "What'cha got there--can I have a bite?"